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     Essaar - the journey began with the aspiration of conducting economical and enjoyable journey experience at 1993 by two young commerce and engineering graduates,N Senthil Kumar and M Ramanathan from a rural area who themselves have undergone the toughest of times.

The name ESSAAR was originated from the first syllable of their respective names( ESS-'S' stands for Senthil Kumar and AAR-'R' stands for Ramanthan).

They broke the stereotypical thought of having a strong family background for a successful business as they started from scratch with just confidence,hope, hardwork and dedication.

By realizing the urging need for transportation to connect the rural and urban centers,they initiated the first ever omni bus service between Devakottai, Karaikudi and Coimbatore as there prevailed no direct rail link.

Until 2003 they focused on the needs and took all possible efforts to establish a brand image in turn building reputation for the company by plying 4 buses with the most compatible work force and staffs who worked along with the company to build a strong base and a backbone.

2003-2016 with the growing economy, they worked on the wants of the customers by introducing new routes and showcased their expansion and simultaneous development by gaining customer confidence by placing passenger's comfort as the top most priority and maintained punctuality. Thus, Essaar was looked up as an efficient and safest means of transportation, may it be the passenger's comfort or the luggage that matters.

As change is the only mark of permanence, they took a step ahead from the basic needs and wants to set benchmark of excellence by updating the on trend facilities resulting in customer satisfaction since they firmly believed that satisfied customer publicity is the best way to publicize themselves and ensured it by maintaining an effective crew to attend the needs and grievances of the customer thereby taking necessary actions.

Essaar thereby promises to move to the beats of the expanding market.

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