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1. Our Mission:
Essaar’ ever economic and enjoyable Travels – Started plying on the Road in the year 1993 by two extreme fore sighting, enthusiastic and energetic young commerce and engineering graduates-Nachiappan Senthli Kumar and Muthah Ramanathan. Both hail from respectable Nattukottai Chettiar families and their native towns Ariyakudi and Devakottai respectively in Chettainadu in Sivaganga District, South Tamil Nadu. Hence in ESS - "S" stands for Senthil Kumar and in AAR - "R" stands for Ramanathan.

Essaar seeing that there was a genuine and immediate need of Transportation to connect rural areas to urban centers, they surveyed and decided to start the first ever omni bus service between Devakottai, Karaikudi and Coimbatore as these centers do not have direct Rail link.

Essaar is plying their most modern Luxury buses from Coimbatore to Thiruvadanai via Dindugal, Thirupathur, Pillaiyar Patti, Karaikudi and Devakottai and other route from Coimbatore to Karaikudi via karur, Trichy, Pudukottai, Thirumayam and Chettinadu and like this they operate their buses also from the opposite direction in the same time and rout.

Both ‘S’ (Senthil kumar) and ‘R’ (Ramanathan) believe that satisfied customer publicity is the best publicity. Passengers’ pleasure is more important in the Travel. So, they appointed able. Efficient and trained Drivers and the Crew members with good Character to conduct a pleasant journey. The Crew attends to the needs of the Customers, listing to their complaints with patience and attend to their problems with due reporting to the managements.

Essaar knowing well the Customers interest are based mostly on the attitude of the company they concentrate giving perfect service to the passenger’s core satisfaction.

Essaar always think about the Relationship of the Customer. To achieve this they start their buses as per the scheduled timing and pickup the passengers at their desired boarding places and drop them at their willing destination. In between the travel they never accommodate any passenger in to the bus.

Essaar using their own noiseless top running Conditioned Air buses and are maintained properly by their Qualified Persons and at the best Automobile work shops.

Essaar main office is at Coimbatore “South India’s Man Chester” City. Because many student folk who study at Coimbatore and at Karaikudi are the real beneficiaries also the children, ladies and senior Citizens. Further, several manufactures of consumer durables and industrial spares in Coimbatore and in Karaikudi found this service the safest and fastest and as their consignment could reach Coimbatore to Trichy, Pudukottai, Karaikudi, Devakottai, Thiruvadanai, Thirupathur, Singampunari over night.

Essaar having gained rich experience, besides Tamil Nadu they have started Regular Stage carriage routes in Kerala between Kozhihode and Kuttiyadi in the year 2004 with overwhelming response.

2. Our Mission:
Essaar took the golden advice of our former president Dr. APJ. Abdulkalam “Youngsters should not seek employment but try to give employment to others” Practice the same by having their own offices in various Towns and Cities between Coimbatore. Karaikudi and Thiruvadanai providing employment to many persons.
Essaar organized top class super fast service. This is proved by the fact that their buses always ply with full capacity almost everyday. So that they have regular valuable Customers and enjoy the good will of the public.

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